Retreat Centre

"Sukshma Sthula Karana"

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Retreat Center

"Sukshma Sthula Karana"

Subtle Gross Casual

Welcome to our Retreat Center "Sukshma Sthula Karana", which in Sanskrit means Subtle, Gross, Casual.


Our Center was established in 2015, as we realized the need to share our extensive and long experience in yoga, to explore our great and beautiful Planet, to visit the special zones of the Earth - places of power.

"We arrange exclusive Yoga -Art tours to the mountains and volcanoes."


According to Hinduism, the human body consists of three - Sarira Traya.

Sthula Sarira is a gross body, a body devoid of spirituality and individuality. A gross or physical body is a form in which a person eats, breathes and moves. The gross body is responsible for human contact with the outside world and consists of five elements that a person receives at birth and loses at death (ether, air, fire, water, earth).

Sukshma Sarira is a subtle body of mind and vital energy that supports the physical body and makes it alive. The subtle body does not collapse after death, but passes into a new incarnation.

Karana Sarira - a casual or karmic body in which consciousness returns to its origins, contains the whole life experience of all incarnations and "karma" (actions committed by man) is "recorded" in it.


What is our exclusivity and why join us?

ॐ We are the first who combined the practice of Himalayan Yogis and trekkings to the mountains and volcanoes (Photo and Video)


ॐ This practice of yoga is given only on our retreats: Kundalini Yoga (energy practice) + Power Yoga (Power Yoga) + Yoga therapy of all joint blocks for relaxation


ॐ 90% of our routes are wild. We explore the paths known only by local residents


ॐ In a short period of time we will try to form your Body and strengthen the Spirit


ॐ We do not only teach you, but we also learn from you


ॐ We are for organic, fresh food


ॐ We have a professional artist and sculptor, so we give Art Classes  on Volcanoes, in flowering valleys and mountains


ॐ We have learned to feel the group and easily adapt to your priorities in our trips


ॐ We guarantee you the changes in your life in the right direction


ॐ We have our own local, authentic guides, you can always rely on them in everything :)

Nearest tours:

"Georgian Void"

27.04 - 05.05 2019

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"Sukshma Sthula Karana"

TEL: +7 (916) 286-9-108 ELIZABETH

               +7 (985) 127-46-63 KSENIYA

E-mail: sukshma@mail.ru


Russia, Moscow

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