Ancient Syunik and Art-Class on Ughtasar Volcano

In the 6-4 centuries BC this ancient place was part of the great empire of the Persians, then, in our time, it was a part of Great Armenia, today it is the most ardent region of Armenia,saturated with old traditions and magnificent Spirit.

Syunik has a very rich and beautiful history, which left behind a huge historical, cultural, architectural and spiritual heritage. Surrounded by the chain of the Zangezur Mountains, this land breathes with the inhalations and exhalations of the deeply asleep volcanoes, the most majestic of which is the two-headed Uhtasar and the highest point of the volcanic ridge - the volcano Trasar.

Ukhtasar is the sacred "Camel Mountain". Ukhtasar is located next to the glacial lake, formed in the crater of an extinct volcano, which erupted during the Pleistocene period. Almost all year round, ice floes swim in the lake, and the snow in its vicinity never completely melts. Figures are found on the rocks surrounding the lake. The number and evolution of the drawings suggest that this area was inhabited thousands of years ago, dating back to the Paleolithic era (about 12,000 years BC). Residents of later periods of history (the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age) captured on their stones memorable stories and beliefs. The greatest number of drawings was made during this period and in the Early Iron Age.

Petroglyphs of Ukhtasar are drawings on black and gray stones of volcanic origin, made with the help of stone incisors. These drawings were made in memory of the deceased in order to note the fact of his life and valor. They abound in images of plants, figures of people and animals, circles, spirals, points, lines and other geometric and abstract forms. Another category of drawings are cosmic symbols, including the zodiac Aries and a primitive calendar in the form of a wheel or a cross with four circles symbolizing the seasons. There are also geographical elements - rivers, lakes, springs - which are combined with images of astronomical objects and phenomena: the Sun, the Moon, stars, constellations and the starry sky, comets and lightnings.

On the tour "Walks through Ancient Armenia", which will take place from 28 July to August 08, 2018, we will have the Art Class directly on Ukhtasar, where we will draw an amazing landscape on the canvas with acrylic paints!

The master class is lead by a graduate artist (Vrubel Art School, Stroganov Academy), prize-winner of the Moscow and Russia stages of drawing, painting and sculpture competitions, the instructor of the course "The EsoArt" - Liza Korston. Explore the artist's works HERE

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