Yoga Trekking Tour "Walks through Ancient Armenia" 28.07 - 08.08

Vorotan Gorge - almost 200 km of mesmerizing emerald rocks stretching to Iran itself. 100 meters of depth between the pearl sky and grass of velvet-green color. In the widest places the width of the gorge is about 3 kilometers, containing fields of herbs, scarlet poppies, violet-purple lavender, powerful clear waters of the Vorotan River, sharp rocks, frozen lava organs, covering the gorge as a dome, and sun rays gliding between airy wadded clouds.

You can enjoy all this gigantic splendor on our Track-Tour "Walks through Ancient Armenia" 27.07 - 08.08 2018. Only secret paths and places that are not on the map exclusively from our super-guide


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