Instead of an introduction, take a look at these beautiful photos that speak louder than any words;)


Do we have only 4 days? We have entire 4 days! In 4 days we will visit as many places as we usually visit for a full tour!

See for yourself:

     November 01 Day 1 North-South, Passes and Temples

Ancient Rock Monastery of the 10th century

Frozen Lava Gorge

Pagan Temple of the Sun God

UNESCO Heritage Lake 2000 m

Monastery in the middle of the Volcanic Lake

Cemetery of Khachkars

Silk Road Travelers Stop

Rock Temple in the Gorge

One of the most beautiful trails across the Ararat Valley

Secluded city hidden in the rocks

     November 02 Day 2 Great Syunik

Powerful energetic practice of Himalayan yogis

10 000 yer old city of caves, which existed until the end of the 20th century!

Pearl-emerald gorge engraved in the rocks, which stretches for 1000 km to Iran itself

Temple of Legend at the top of the gorge

The longest cable car in Europe

16 km along the edge of the gorge, where the eagles float

Sunset at a Mysterious lonely temple in the middle of the mountains built upon a pagan one

   November 03 Day 3 Red Church and Megaliths

Powerful energetic practice of Himalayan yogis

Abandoned lake in the mountains

Hike to an unknown church of the 4th century made of bright red volcanic stone

Overflowing Enchanting Waterfall

Travel at dusk to the megalithic observatory - the most mysterious place in the region

   November 04 Day 4 Mountains and Yerevan

Powerful energetic practice of Himalayan yogis

Great views of 200 km long passes, road trip across the south of Armenia

Mount Ararat

The temple at the foot of the mountain - the place of confinement of the baptist of Armenia

5,000-year-old city of Yerevan, fruit and flea market

Departure home;)


Delicious set of meals breakfast-dinner. The menu includes seafood, grilled vegetables, oriental sweets, herbal teas and coffee in Turk! Seasonal product - feijoa, tangerines, walnuts, vegetables, honey. We buy natural juice from blackberry and dogwood, churchkhella, grape pastille, excellent fruits, local baklava.


Daily morning practice of Sukshma-Vyayama Yoga - 2 hours, about practice: here 

What's included:

- Daily morning energy practice - 2 hours

- Double accommodation 3 nights in a comfortable ethnic house

- Hearty organic breakfast

- Tea, coffee, snacks, herbs from the organizers

- Personal convenient transportation according to the program

- At least 17 exclusive places of antiquity

- Non-touris excursion program

What's not included:

1. Flight 01 November not later than 05:50 to 
EVN Yerevan

Or any flight arriving earlier ( You сan arrive 1-2 days earlier).

Flight Yerevan - Your City November 4th not earlier than 19:00
3. Additional excursion services not included in the tour program.
4. Additional meals for lunch.

Registration for the tour:
1. You send the inquiry for the tour.
2. We will send you flight numbers and a list of necessary things.
3. You send us the copy of the tickets and only then you become a guaranteed member of the tour.

Price (No prepayment needed):

630 USD  - Single

1200 USD - Couple Price 


+7916 286-9-108 (WhatsApp)

+7985 127-46-63 (WhatsApp)


November in Armenia
01-04.11. 2019
All inclusive

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